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Since the first freshly laid egg that surprised us in the dead of winter, our chickens have been nourishing our family with an experience transcendent of food. Beginning with the box of peeping chicks we brought home from the post office weeks after we landed in our new life, our feathered friends have led our adventure in farming at La Suvera Farm.


There is a story of how we grew alongside our first flock of ladies, who transitioned from living in a dog crate in the mudroom to a home in the sanctuary we created out of a long-abandoned garden, which provides the perfect balance of shade, sun, and space to roam. 


Fed with high-quality organic feed along with fruits and veggies from our biodynamic garden, our eggs are gathered daily from the coops, gently rinsed with warm water, and packaged for market, bringing nutrient-dense goodness from the heart of our home to your table.

Our eggs are available for purchase at Mast Market or inquire for direct purchase here

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