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Tulips and daffodils rise from the darkness of the earth, alongside the hyacinth with its potent floral notes of sugar and spice that usher in spring. Morning chores are wondrously enveloped by the scent of lilacs floating in the breeze, and the buds on cherry blossom branches transform a wintery landscape for a brief moment of hope and color before falling to the greening grass like pink snowflakes. The bright yellow buttercups create a blanket of sunshine in the paddocks where the animals graze, beckoning above all to be gathered and cherished.


As spring turns into summer, roses and peonies bloom in white, pink, and red; lavender and woodland sage dust the beds with purple; and clematis climbs an old stone wall in the deepest violet mimicking the wildflowers on the forest floor. Lilies and daisies abound from white to yellow and orange, while hydrangeas bloom in shades ranging from pink to blue. The ferns unfurl from their spirals like a nautical shell, and the honeysuckle flourishes beside the lace flower as the zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos and more are sowed for mid to late summer bounty. 


The harvest continues through the fall when the mums announce the season along the pumpkins and falling leaves. That’s when the evergreens and branches are twisted into wreaths before the frost ushers in the stillness of winter when it is time to rest, integrate, and look forward to another season of mystery, magic, and beauty.

To grow is to change and transform, as each flower and the landscape do, as the revolving day casts different shadows, reflecting the impermanence of the world. The beauty is what holds moments of hope and what we might remember in gathering both what is grown consciously and what might arise unexpectedly. To forage might mean to search widely for food and provisions, but what about the goodness of life? If we choose to recognize it, there is abundance everywhere, in every moment. You can read more about our grown and foraged philosophy here.


Our bouquets and recycled glass jar arrangements are designed intuitively, an artistic creation inspired by what’s available and therefore unique and ever-changing. You can find them at Mast Market and The Outpost or order direct from the farm. 

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