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The sheep graze alongside our horses in paddocks while we harvest tomatoes in the gardens. The cherry and heirlooms burst with red ripeness in between the companion plants of parsley, basil and marigolds. Cucumbers and a wide variety of squash ramble far outside the rows in which they were planted, weaving in between the peppers and inspiring thoughts about the multitude of ways we could expand our homegrown produce, which is fertilized by a blend of manure from our animals and organic kitchen compost, then mulched by fallen trees, making our soil the ground of possibility for life to unfold. 


It is said, “We are what we eat,” and at the very least, we feel best when we eat and live “close to the earth”— which is the long and short of why we’re growing high-quality, nutrient dense fruits, veggies and herbs at La Suvera Farm. Inspired by the work of Rudolph Steiner, who encourages the farmer to develop a personal relationship with plants, animals, and soil in order to think more holistically about agriculture, we’re committed to a way of farming that is rooted in the concept of wholeness and biodynamic practices. 


You can read more about our farm philosophy here, or experience our garden bounty first hand by ordering direct for local deliveries or visiting the farmer-run, farmer-supplied market, The Outpost in Bedford, NY. 

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